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JSC "Tikslus Elementas" was created from the idea of improving and sharing knowledge of the operation and application of its laboratory equipment with science enthusiasts. We want the laboratories operating in Lithuania to purchase the most appropriate equipment that meets their needs, make suitable long-term application decisions and receive the highest installation and technical support services.

In order to be successful, we cannot separate our business from our values. Few very important values about us:

  • Communication - proper communication with the client is very important during the process. Not only to follow the rules of etiquette, but also to provide all the latest information about the changes and to clearly set out the course of work. This will help both parties to plan work responsibly and save time or money.
  • Responsibility - the customer will always be satisfied if they receive what has been agreed and completed. That is why it is important to perform and complete all work responsibly on time.
  • Innovation - although we rely on time-tested technology, we must not forget to move forward and find new solutions that make everyday laboratory work faster, cheaper or easier.

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